This scooter is fairly typical of the scooters that used to be easily found in Italy 20 years ago. It was used, but well cared for. Alas, the easy days of finding solid scooters that are not either restored, or wrecks, has passed us by. 

When we find one, we jump at the chance. It is in good condition, but not restored: it runs fine, and looks fine, but won't win any concourse awards. In actuality, just the kind of scooter that you want to have, if you plan on riding a lot, or want a good basis for some custom tuning. You could ride this scooter as-is, and have a lot of fun, or you could turn it into a performance machine. It is an Italian-made DL, not Indian, so it will always have value, no matter which direction you go. 

The DL's are rare in the US, only a handful are here. Their distinctive and sporty styling makes them the scooter of choice for those wanting to go fast on a Lambretta.

Price (before tax): $ 5,500

Make: Lambretta

Year: 1970

Displacement: 125cc

Inventory number: L-41

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