The Lambretta Li125 Special  was Innocenti's sporty option for those who wanted a smaller size motor.  In Europe, motorcycle driver's licences were graduated by the size of the motor.  That is to say, you had to get a different license for larger motors.  For those limited to a 125cc, Innocenti offered several options.  The best and most sporty is the scooter you see here.  These offered the same bodywork as the 150 Special and the TV175, but with a smaller motor.  These scooters had a performance boost from the standard Lambretta Li125 to go with their beautiful bodywork.  These are seldom seen in the U.S., as they were not sold here.  This scooter has some patina, but still looks really nice.  We can't be sure whether it still wears its original paint, or has had a re-paint at some point in the distant past.  It is a solid and rare Lambretta for a reasonable price.  The motor could be left as-is, or easily upgraded for even more power.   Either way, we think it is a winner.

Price (before tax): $6,ooo

Make: Lambretta

Year: 1967

Displacement: 150cc

Inventory number: L-69

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