We are really excited about this moped. As you know, Innocenti made one of the top classic scooters, the Lambretta. However, that was not the only vehicle that they made. They also made cars, and as you can see here, mopeds. The Innocenti moped was called the “Lambrettino,” or little Lambretta. The market for mopeds in Italy in the 60’s and 70’s was huge. Virtually every motorcycle manufacturer in Europe made a moped of some kind just to get a slice of that market. Innocenti was no different. While their production numbers were not as large as some of the big names in mopeds, the Innocentis certainly had style. These are rare mopeds for sure, and this is the first one that we have found from this era… and what a moped it is! This one is all original, and in fantastic condition. All the parts are intact, and the original paint looks really good. We have not tried to buff it in order to keep it looking as we found it, but we are sure that if you chose, it would not be hard to make this paint shine. All the plastic pieces are still present and intact. The seat is original and in amazing shape, still wearing its Innocenti tag. This is a great moped. It is one that would look really good as part of a moped, or Lambretta collection. Did I mention we love this moped?!

Mopeds enjoy special status here in California, which makes them especially attractive to own and use. Mopeds do not need yearly registration, and thus, avoid those annual fees. They also are allowed to park on sidewalks and lock up at bicycle parking.

Price (before tax): $1,600


Year: 1967

Displacement: 50cc

Inventory number:  IC-186

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