Maico is a German company that made many different vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds. The 70’s were a time in which the moped market in Europe was huge. Many different companies made them. Some, like the Maico here, made the frames and ancillary parts, while using common motors made by another company. The Maico used a motor made by Minarelli in Italy. The really nice thing about these Minarelli motors is that many different moped manufacturers used this motor. Because of that fact, there are tons of parts still available, and even quite a lot of performance modification parts. It is not too difficult to make a Minarelli moped motor go fast. This moped is in good shape overall, but the original paint is faded in places. You could ride this one as-is, or make it really nice with some paint and some engine modifications.

Mopeds enjoy special status here in California, which makes them especially attractive to own and use. Mopeds do not need yearly registration, and thus, avoid those annual fees. They also are allowed to park on sidewalks and lock up at bicycle parking.

Price (before tax): $1,500

Make: Maico

Year: 1978

Displacement: 50cc

Inventory number:  D-61

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