This is a special scooter. If there was a “top 10” list for the most desirable of all vintage scooters, we think the 90 Super Sprint would likely sit at the top of the list.  It checks all the boxes. It was special from the moment of its debut, and was simply made to look fast. 

Piaggio started off with a smallframe body, but cut down the legshields and handlebars for a streamlined look.  They added a spare tire in-line with the frame and a ersatz gas tank/glovebox to hold the tire in place.  These scooters had a 90cc motor with a four speed gearbox and were significantly more peppy than a standard 90cc Vespa.  Due to their small motor cize, they were not fast in the traditional sense, but they sure had the looks! However, their looks were polarizing, and they were priced above a Vespa G.S., as the most expensive scooter in the Vespa line.  They were not a sales success, mainly appealing to a niche market of scooter racers, and scooterists who wanted something different. 

Now, they are highly sought-after. These were not originally sold in the U.S., and are extremely hard to find.  This scooter has had a top quality restoration and is one of the best 90SS’s that we have ever seen in terms of restoration quality. If you are looking for the best scooter, in the absolute best condition, look no further: it just doesn’t get any better than this one.

Price: Sold

Make: Vespa

Year: 1965

Displacement: 90cc

Inventory number: BM261

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