This is one of the rarest of all Vespas.  The 90 Super Sprint was made to look fast.  Piaggio started off with a smallframe body, but cut down the legshields and handlebars for a streamlined look.  They added a spare tire in-line with the frame and a glovebox to hold the tire in place.  The glovebox is made to look like a motorcycle gas tank.  These had a 90cc motor with a four speed gearbox and were significantly more peppy than a standard 90cc Vespa.  However, their looks were polarizing and they were priced above a Vespa G.S. as the most expensive scooter in the Vespa line.  They were not a sales success, mainly appealing to a niche market of scooter racers, and scooterists who wanted something different.  Now, they are highly sought-after.  These were not originally sold in the U.S., and are extremely hard to find.  This scooter is now for sale out of the Marco Marini collection.

Price: $25,500

Make: Vespa

Year: 1966

Displacement: 90cc

Inventory number: BM-267

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