The market for mopeds in Europe in the 70’s was huge. There were many different companies that made many different moped models. Piaggio was one of the biggest names in mopeds, just as they were with scooters. With the market being so large, there were various levels of mopeds to serve different niches in the market. This is a Vespa Bravo, which was one of the “upmarket” mopeds offered by Piaggio. Some of those upmarket features include the telescopic front forks and more suspension travel on the rear motor/swingarm. This translated into a more comfortable ride. This moped even has some really cool accessory rear saddlebags to help carry all your stuff.

Mopeds enjoy special status here in California, which makes them especially attractive to own and use. Mopeds do not need yearly registration, and thus, avoid those annual fees. They also are allowed to park on sidewalks and lock up at bicycle parking.

Price (before tax): $1,975

Make: Vespa


Displacement: 50cc

Inventory number: IC-200

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