There was a time that the entire country of Italy was blanketed by mopeds and Vespa 50 smallframes. Even today, there are untold numbers of the Vespa mopeds still on the roads. These are simple, rugged and most of all, fun machines. There is no question that once you get on a moped, you are smiling! We have gathered some nice Vespa Ciao mopeds on our Italian trips and decided to bring them back here for a taste of what that experience was like when just about every Italian owned one. This one has a really fun “wrap” that makes it stand out from the crowd. The fun factor on this moped is through the roof!

Mopeds enjoy special status here in California, which makes them especially attractive to own and use. Mopeds do not need yearly registration, and thus, avoid those annual fees. They also are allowed to park on sidewalks and lock up at bicycle parking.

Price (before tax): $1,975

Make: Vespa


Displacement: 50cc

Inventory number: IC-200

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