The Primavera ET3 was the last (and best) version of the classic Vespa small frame. The ET3 just put the final touch on a winning formula and added electronic ignition to the motor and a small glovebox to the frame. It was the biggest displacement of the small frames and at 125cc in the light and nimble frame originally designed for a 50cc scooter, it was no slouch. All the small frames have fantastic handling due to their light frame and compact motor.

They are also loved by scooterists because there are a plethora of options to tune the motor for more speed. This scooter has some of those tuning options already installed. While it has tuning components installed on the motor, we would be happy to return it to stock configuration if desired.  The most practical of all the small frames with a bit of added performance punch.

Price (before tax): $ 7,500

Make: Vespa

Year: 1981


Inventory number: C-150

License needed: Yes

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