There were several versions of the G.S. 150 with minor detail changes, and the versions were denoted by changes in the frame number. This is the third version, the VS3. These are certainly rare in the U.S., there are only a handful of these here. One of the most interesting details is the pull for the motor side cowl release, which is a loop ring rather than a handle as used on the VS4. We also really like the in-line spare tire carrier, which adds quite a sporty look to the scooter.

This scooter comes from the Marco Marini collection, along with several other significant models we currently have for sale. It is not restored but in nice solid condition. Given its rarity, this is one that would be worth expending the effort to bring it to the next level.

Price (before tax): $14,900

Make: Vespa

Year: 1957

Displacement: 150cc

Inventory number: BV-2

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