VESPA P200E (BM-240)

One of the wonderful things about vintage scootering is that there is room for many different levels of interest. Many people that love vintage scooters focus on a scooter that is largely stock and regularly ridden; others build large collections of scooters that are stock or in original condition. Then, there are the customizers: they come in many different flavors, but there certainly is a large contingent of folks that really enjoy engineering their scooters to go fast - really fast.

There are many ways to go about it, but most people begin with the P200 motor, and build from there. Here we have a really cool P200 that has been customized for high performance. It has some really nice upgrades to the motor, and boy does this scooter get down the road. It has quite a few performance upgrades to the original motor, including a cylinder kit, large carburetor, and a high quality expansion chamber exhaust. Other custom touches include the “super corsa” seat, side stand, chrome wheel rims, upgraded shock, and cut-down front mudguard. Wheelies are no problem on this fun scooter. A lot of expensive parts are already onboard, but there are quite a few directions you could go with this scooter, if you wanted to get it even faster.

We have priced it quite reasonably, which leaves a lot of options in the go-fast department or just impress your friends and scare your neighbors on this hooligan of a scooter!

Price (before tax): $ 3,800

Make: Vespa

Year: 1979

Displacement: 200cc

Inventory number: BM-240

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