VESPA PX150 (B-5)

This is one of the last of the line for the vintage Vespa.  The P-series Vespas debuted in 1977, and were made continuously until 2016.  The PX was an "upgraded" version of the original P-series.  However, these originally came off the assembly line just as Piaggio was pulling the plug on US sales.  A few PX150's were imported to the US in 1984, but that was it... until Piaggio returned to the US market in the early 2000's.  They decided to import the PX150 again in 2005.  It was not a big sales success, so they stopped selling them here after that one year.  The PX's are a joy to ride.  They are smooth and comfortable.  There are a huge amount of aftermarket accessories and parts available to customize these scooters to your taste.

This is one of the first of that small batch of US market 2005 PX150's.  The first group had a special badge and were numbered.  This one is number 455 out of a total of 500 sold.  It is in excellent condition, and has less than 200 miles on the clock.  It is probably your last chance to own a basically brand new vintage Vespa.


Make: Vespa

Year: 2005

Displacement: 150cc

Inventory number: B-5