The Rally 200 is at the top of our list for a practical classic that you can really ride every day. These are among the last of the real classic looking largeframe body styles produced by Piaggio. Their large glovebox makes them very practical for around town, along with their great styling. The 200cc motor is essentially the same as the motor used in P200 for over 30 years after this model was made. These are fast and reliable scooters. This scooter is a European import from Germany at some point, and it still has the special German market frame tag. It also has the nice large headlight that came on all European models. The paint has a classic color, but clearly, this scooter has been well loved. This is one of the best of all the Vespa models, and is a scooter that would be fun to ride as-is, or could be taken to the next level with some paint and some love. This is the perfect city scooter, since it looks good, but you won’t be too concerned if it gets a scratch or two! Get on it and ride!


Price (before tax): $2,800

Make: Vespa

Year: 1973

Displacement: 200cc

Inventory number: BV10

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