While we didn’t build this scooter, it is exactly the kind of custom scooter that we would build for our daily ride.

This particular scooter no longer has that original 125cc powerplant. He has the cool ‘60s body style, with the more modern performance of a P200 engine. The motor is the highlight of this scooter: a PX200 crate motor installed, back in the early 2000s when you could buy a brand new motor from Piaggio. Building from that new motor, it has a performance cylinder, a very high quality English-made expansion chamber exhaust, and a rare “vortex” carburetor setup by Hot Rod Al from Fresno. Up front, the stock forks were replaced with a modified fork from a modern Bajaj Chetak, which was also a common modification when those forks were readily available. They have a nice anti-dive feature, and good brakes; the seat is a low-profile “super corsa” that was originally made to fit a smallframe Vespa. All in all, this build was well thought out, and well executed.

The scooter was imported from Italy in the late 90’s, back when you could find these types of scooters in good condition by the truckload. The GTR was not sold in the US, but it is essentially the 125cc version of the Vespa Sprint.

Price (before tax): $ 6495

Make: Vespa

Year: 1968

Displacement: 200cc

Inventory number: BM-253

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