The Vespa Sprint really set the standard for a high quality scooter in the 1960’s. This was Piaggio’s upgraded model for everyday use: it sported Piaggio’s rotary valve 150cc motor that was tried and true, and had been used for many years in the VBB and G.L. models. By this point, this motor was very well developed for maximum reliability: these motors were so well made, that it will outlast us all with regular maintenance.

The Sprint was an updated version of the very successful G.L.: the formula was spot-on, with a generous glovebox cowl,10” wheels and handsome bodywork all around. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes. This is a fairly early Sprint, which still has the elegant script badging and trapezoid shaped headlight. Later versions of this scooter had square badges and a round headlight.

Reliability won’t be an issue, so you can ride with confidence, even today. Every spare part is available to keep this scooter on the road, and there are many performance parts that could be fitted to increase its speed, if you want to go that direction. This Sprint is a nice balance between vintage looks and reliability.

Price (before tax): $6,200

Make: Vespa

Year: 1965

Displacement: 150cc

Inventory number: BM-229

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