The Vespa “VBB” is really the essence of the classic Vespa design. By the early 60’s, all of the mechanical and aesthetic aspects of the Vespa had really been perfected by Piaggio. The result was the VBB. The motors on these scooters are over-engineered for what they are, and are extremely reliable in their stock configuration. The body lines are just beautiful from every angle. It is really hard to beat a nice VBB for the money.

The classic shape, the curves, the whole package. In the 1960’s, this scooter has set the standard for what a scooter should be: stylish and extremely reliable. Though not particularly fast, they certainly had enough power to cope with the urban environment of their time. Even now, fifty years on, these scooters are great for getting around an urban environment in style. This scooter ups the ante with some tasteful accessories, including a spare-tire mounted auxiliary gas tank, and a nice chrome fork cover.

This scooter was refurbished in Italy before we acquired it. It still looks amazing. The original cornflower blue color has been repainted, and is one of our favorite colors on these. This really is a great scooter for getting around the city and look good doing it.

Price (before tax): $6,900

Make: Vespa

Year: 1963

Displacement: 150cc

Inventory number: BM-228

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