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We are proud of all the scooters we have sold over the years. At BelloMoto, we enjoy looking at photos of our past scooters and thinking of all the happy faces riding scooter around the Bay.


These scooters have unmatched style and charm. Riding one is like taking a step back in time. They are simple machines, but certainly their elegance lies in the melding of form and function that is uniquely Italian.

1962 VESPA GS 160 SERIES 1 (IC-177)

The GS 160 was the top of the line scooter in the Vespa range. The early GS 160 is as rare as they come. Beauty, sophistication, style, rarity: it has it all.

1963 VESPA GS 160 (C-109)

The GS 160 was the top of the line scooter in the Vespa range. It was fast, smooth, and stylish… and it still is. More than a replacement for the GS 150 it replaced, it was a complete white-sheet redesign.


The Primavera was top of the pack of the smallframes. The dollar to fun ratio on these is extremely high. This scooter recently arrived from Italy and is in excellent condition.


They are the easiest to ride of all of the vintage scooters. Conceived as a light 50cc city-scooter, Piaggio realized the potential of the design with the 125cc version - the Primavera.


If you are looking for the perfect city scooter, this is it! The Primavera is light and easily maneuverable; small and easy to park anywhere. Lane-splitting is a breeze.

1975 VESPA RALLY 200 (BM-232)

This is the last of the truly "vintage" looking Vespas. Speed, reliability, and style: pretty much everything you could want from a vintage scooter.

1980 VESPA P125X (BM-214)

The P-series Vespas were among the most popular of all the Vespas. They were made for almost 30 years, then the production run just recently ended. The perfect commuter scooter or a fun entry into the world of vintage scootering.

2005 VESPA PX150 (B-5)

This is one of the first of that small batch of US market 2005 PX150's: this one is number 455 out of a total of 500 sold, last chance to own a brand new vintage Vespa.