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As its name suggests, the Lambretta Model B was the second Lambretta model made by Innocenti (following the “Model A”). These were not sold in the US, and there are very few here.


This is a must-have for fans of the open Lambrettas, or for serious scooter collectors. These were never sold in the US, so here’s your chance to own one of the rarest Lambrettas!


At the time this scooter came out, it was the hottest scooter on the market. Innocenti and Piaggio were competing in Europe, and this was meant to be the top of the market.

1964 LAMBRETTA TV175 (L-47)

This is one of the coolest Lambretta models, in one of the best colors. Sold in white and metallic silver/blue, the white had contrasting two-tone colors, while the silver was the single color and a unique rear frame badge in the matching color.


This is an early version and it has a period accessory tail light, with the housing set up for a larger lens.


We have recently acquired this scooter in Italy, and it is on its way to our shop. If you are interested and want to make sure you are the first to be notified upon its arrival, email us for more details.

1964 LAMBRETTA TV200 (L-36)

This Lambretta threw down the gauntlet for performance. The TV175 had led the way. Given the Innocenti-Piaggio rivalry, this showed Lambretta sought to be the performance leader.


Innocenti had several models in the Lambretta Li range. The sportiest of those was the 150 Special, with a similar design to the TV 175, but had a modified Li 150 motor.


This is a show-stopper of a scooter. The TV175 was one of the best scooters Innocenti ever produced. It looks fantastic in this original metallic silver/blue livery. The color really brings out the sleek and sharp lines of the scooter’s design.


Restored in Italy, this is not a scooter for the timid. When Innocenti debuted, all their advertising featured a scooter with this color combination: white with canary yellow two-tone.


Being the sporty version of the more pedestrian Li Series III, this lambretta holds a certain allure. It shares the bodywork of the TV175/200 and the general motor with the Li150, that was “breathed on” a bit to give it just a touch more power.

1966 LAMBRETTA SX200 (L-48)

The Lambretta SX200 is one of the best of all the classic scooters. They look like they are going fast, even when standing still. What a beauty!

1967 LAMBRETTA SX200 (L-66)

The Lambretta SX200 is at the pinnacle of all the classic scooters. Innocenti outdid themselves with this scooter by pairing a powerful motor with amazing design.

1967 LAMBRETTA SX 200 (L-40)

The SX200 is one of the real “blue chip” of all the classic scooters. All of the 200cc Lambrettas rank up there, but due to its unique styling, the SX has to hold one of the top slots.

1967 LAMBRETTA SX 200 (L-7)

The SX 200 is the quitessential Lambretta. It was the range-topping sport model of the late '60s. The 200cc motor made it a fast scooter. The styling was the height of design.

1967 LAMBRETTA Li150 (L-68)

The 150's command lower prices than the 200cc Lambrettas, but have tons of style and are so much fun to ride. Once you get one, you'll be hooked on Lambrettas!

1969 LAMBRETTA SX150 (L-62)

The SX line was Innocenti’s late '60s scooter. They were slightly upgraded from the earlier 60’s Series III models. The SX150 was the sporty 150cc model in the lineup.

1969 LAMBRETTA DL200 (L-50)

It is not secret that we are big fans of the Lambretta GP/DL line of scooters. Their clean, racy, lines and refined motors raise them among the coolest scooters ever produced.

1970 LAMBRETTA GP200 (L-65)

The Lambretta DL/GP scooters are among the best produced. These were not sold in the U.S. and there are only a handful of the genuine Italian-made DL/GP 200’s in the U.S.

1970 LAMBRETTA DL200 (L-39)

We scour the globe for the best scooters, and we hit paydirt with this. These were badged as “DL” (or De Luxe) for the Italian market, and “GP” (or Gran Prix) in other markets.

1970 LAMBRETTA DL125 (L-41)

The DL's are rare in the US, only a handful are here. Their distinctive and sporty styling makes them the scooter of choice for those wanting to go fast on a Lambretta.

1970 LAMBRETTA (DL150)

This scooter has been our shop “test bed,” and has benefited from a very long period of research into various performance components.

1970 LAMBRETTA GP150 (BL6)

Have you ever thought that it would be great if you could buy a vintage scooter, but updated components to speed along with modern traffic conditions? We did and so we built it!

1970 LAMBRETTA DL150 (L-53)

The Lambretta DL/GP’s were the last of the line. The last model that Innocenti sold before the shuttered the factory making Lambrettas.

1971 LAMBRETTA DL200 (BL-9)

With the disc brake and beefy motor, the DL is the fastest and most performance-oriented of all the Lambrettas. For someone looking for the ultimate sporting Lambretta, look no further.