We have recently uncovered this beautiful faro basso in Italy.  It will be included with our upcoming shipment from Italy to San Francisco.


1953 VESPA U-MODEL (IC-122)

 This scooter is in the final stages of restoration in Italy.

1963 VESPA 150 VBB2 (BM-228)

We have recently found this wonderful Vespa 150 in Italy, and it is now on its way to San Francisco. 

1963 VESPA 150 VBB

We have recently acquired this really nice Vespa 150 in Italy. and it is currently in our Italian workshop.



We recently acquired this nice Vespa Sprint 150 in Italy. 


for sale now


1949 VESPA ROD MODEL (C-104)

This Vespa was firmly within the very early design era. The scooter has been restored, and is in very good condition overall. While probably not appropriate to be your daily driver, this would be a fun weekend cafe runner, or a huge hit at any scooter or collector car event.




The rod model Vespas are special scooters. In the early years, Piaggio was still refining their design.This is one of the last of the early scooters with the rod linkage system used on the very early models.


The early faro basso scooters are just beautiful, and this one is no exception. Look no further for the iconic “Roman Holiday” style.This is certainly a scooter for the serious collector.


The scooter itself is a 1952 “V32” model, which is the prefix for the frame number. The V32 was made earlier in 1952, while the V33 came later in the year. We found this extremely rare piece in Italy.


This scooter comes out of the Marco Marini collection. It was restored in Italy, and has seen very few miles since the restoration.  This is certainly a very nice scooter and would be a wonderful addition to any serious vehicle collection.

1952 VESPA FARO BASSO V33 (IC-118)

The faro basso scooters are just knockouts in our book, and this 1952 shows how good they can be. You can be sure, this is a scooter that will turn heads wherever it goes, to really show off and be proud of.




This scooter is like a time warp. It feels like buying a new 50’s scooter. If you have been looking for a 50’s Vespa, this is a serious contender. There is nothing to do on this scooter but to put gas in and ride!





This is the sort of scooter that gives one a real sense as to why people walked into a showroom and bought one. This scooter was restored from the ground up in our Italian shop.


This is an extremely nice 1956 Vespa. We restored this scooter from the ground up in our Italian restoration shop. What a beauty!


GS 150

1957 VESPA GS VS3 (IC-116)

The G.S. 150 was arguably the most stylish scooter of all time. It ranks among the most desirable Vespas. The VS2 were never sold in the US, and they are extremely rare, even in Italy.

1959 VESPA GS 150 (IC-179)

A great example of one of the most beautiful of the Vespa designs. This is a mild period-custom, with excellent paint and amazing style. It is silver but has more of a matte finish rather than a glossy look that would have been stock.

1960 VESPA GS 150 VS5 (IC-130)

One of the most stylish Vespas, the GS150 epitomizes 50’s design. The Vespa GS 150 had a long production run, and the last version was the “VS5.” Fast  and smooth, the VS5 was the benchmark for scooters in its days.


GS160 / 180SS

1963 VESPA GS 160 SERIES 1 (IC-176)

One of the most sought-after of all the Vespas made only for a short time. It is  a Series 1 GS 160, but also has the glovebox from a Series 2 GS. The best of both worlds!

1963 VESPA GS 160 (C-109)

The GS 160 was the top of the line scooter in the Vespa range. It was fast, smooth, and stylish… and it still is. More than a replacement for the GS 150 it replaced, it was a complete white-sheet redesign.

1963 VESPA GS SERIES 2 (IC-178) 


The GS160 was one of the best scooters made by Piaggio. When it first debuted, it was a clean break from the 1950s scooters that had preceded it. They were fast for their time, and still can hold their own in traffic today



1962 VESPA GL (IC-133)

This is a very early first year production G.L. The Vespa G.L. is one of the most harmonious of the Vespa designs. It just looks right from every angle.

1963 VESPA GL (IC-112)

The Vespa G.L. is one of the most harmonious of the Vespa designs. It just looks right from every angle. The soft curves and nice trim set it off nicely.

1964 VESPA GL (C-99)

The GL is certainly a pretty scooter, and one of our favorites.  We restored this one inside and out. Everything that could be replaced or refurbished on this scooter has been, and she’s now ready for a new owner.

1965 VESPA 180 SUPER SPORT (IC-153)

In the mid-60’s, the Super Sport was the top of the line Vespa. Sleek and sporty, the Super Sport certainly has presence. It is a scooter that really straddles the transition of the Vespas from the old style to the new. 

1965 VESPA 180 SUPER SPORT (B-4)

Made for a few years, not that common today, they were the top sporting Vespa of their time. This is a scooter that can still zoom through fifty years after it was made.

1967 VESPA SPRINT (I-201)

This scooter has seen some action, that’s for sure. It was ridden, and then ridden some more. Then, shipped from the old country to the US. Still in the original paint, though weathered, it hides nothing. 




The 90SS is one of the most sought-after of all vintage scooters. They rarely come up for sale in the U.S.

1970 VESPA 50 (IC-207)

Once, these were seemingly everywhere in Italy. You saw it by the thousands and could not get out of the way in time as swarms raced through the streets of Rome: this scooter was the first taste of freedom for all teenagers.

1974 VESPA 50 (IC-211)

This is the scooter that mobilized Italy. In the 1970’s, the entire country was full of them, adding style and fun to people’s daily routines. This is an excellent example of that era.




The ET3 was the final version of the original Vespa smallframe design. They are ideal scooters for every-day city riding. It is hard to beat the Vespa Primavera for effortless fun.

1980 VESPA 50 (IC-212)

The Vespa 50 meant freedom to a whole generation of Italians. Catch that feeling with this sweet scooter with mild performance upgrades. If you want to experience 1970’s Italy, we can think of no better way!

1981VESPA 50 (IC-213)

The Vespa 50 got lots of people on two-wheels with style. Fun and easy to ride, this would be a fantastic way to get into scootering for the first time, or to re-ignite your old passion.

1989 VESPA PK50 (C-45)

The PK is a sort of love-it-or-hate-it design, but we love it. While clearly a product of the 80’s, the design is coming back to gain a new crop of admirers. 


The ET3 was last and best version of the Vespa smallframe design. This one looks great, and has a bit of added performance modification to the motor.

2005 VESPA PX150 (B-5)


This is one of the first of that small batch of US market 2005 PX150's: this one is number 455 out of a total of 500 sold. It is probably your last chance to own a basically brand new vintage Vespa.